Junk Removal Services for Vancouver

Woba junk removal provides disposal services for the Vancouver area and surrounding cities. We offer free onsite estimates. Our junk removal prices are one of the lowest in British Columbia and we do not have any hidden fees. Our disposal team can remove any rubbish you may have.

We do all the lifting and carrying.

We recycle 40% of all the junk we pickup from our clients. All the recyclable material is taken to the appropriate facilities found in the Vancouver area.


Junk Removal Prices

Our rubbish removal rates is based upon the amount of room items use up in the rear of our junk trucks. Whether you have junk, garbage, home appliances or furnishings, our junk removal Vancouver experts can do everything. As soon as the products have been gotten rid of, our experienced truck groups will scoop the area leaving our customers residential property clean.


Once our specialists show up on-site, our clients can just indicate the items that should be taken out and we will take them away. Our rates are based on the work involved and the amount of waste our clients have.


We Recycle

Naturally, we care about seeing beautiful Vancouver staying that way by diverting as much garbage as possible from the North Shore Transfer Station. The city has very strict by laws regarding recycling and Soba Junk Removal is obeying and supporting these regulations.

How to book an appointment?

Just give us a call or email us and we will be glad to assist you in getting rid of your junk!

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